COMPANY PROFILE for New York Intelligence Agency – Private Investigator

David J. Schassler, Executive Director

Police Detective, Retired
Special Agent, Nine Lives Graduate
Stephen G. Scurti, General Manager
Police Chief, Retired
FBI National Academy Graduate, Nine Lives Graduate
Michael Mulcahy, Retired NYPD Sergeant, 22 years experience

Supervisor of Detectives

Robbery Apprehension Module, 33 Pct.

Specialized Training:

Criminal Investigator’s Course, Fraud Investigation, Computer/Technology Instructor, Criminal Investigation Course, Anti-Terrorism Training, Homicide Investigation/Robbery Investigation Course.

Detective Investigator:

Bronx Narcotics
Detective: Major Case Unit, Bronx

Experience in undercover work/surveillance, Instructor in undercover work and surveillance. Over 90 undercover narcotics buys.

Recipient of over 150 medals and received the NYPD Police Combat Cross.

Body guard: CEO Lehman Brothers, N.Y.C.

New York Intelligence Agency, Inc. is a full service Private Investigator in NYC firm, positioned for the new millennium using the latest technology. This NYC Experienced Private Investigator offers its clients the utmost confidential and professional service, and are dedicated to solving your personal or business problems. David J. Schassler a NYC Private Investigator and his staff are committed to doing the very best job possible using the most cost effective methods available.


David Schassler a NYC Experienced Private Investigator utilizes a full staff of experienced investigators, who are licensed, bonded and insured.

  • Distinguished Service Award (Three)
  • Excellent Police Duty (Six)
  • Meritorious Police Duty (Six)
  • Certificate of Merit (Five)
  • Citations (Three)

Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Nine Lives Association
  • Rockland County Shields (New York)
  • Rockland County PBA (New York)
  • American Society for Industrial Security
  • National Association of Fraud Investigators
  • Investigators of America
  • International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators