Private Investigations In New York come in many different forms.
From a spouse wanting to look into the activities of a husband or wife online or when not at home, to the corporate executive wanting to know if the employees are talking to the competition. Investigations into individuals can be for almost any reason and each investigation comes with its own set of criteria and special challenges.
Lately there has been a lot of press regarding Apple and the encryption devices embedded into the iPhone and other products.
There has been a lot of speculation as to why Apple wont open the device or better, tell the FBI how to hack into an Apple iPhone.
The reasons that Apple would not want to give up its codes is an age old question of where does the government interference hit the wall of public safety and privacy. That question has yet to be answered. However there are usually many many ways to find out who the person in question has been talking to and where and when. this information comes in the form of computer records phone records and in some cases hacking into the phone itself if possible and legal to do so.
Hacking is also a concern for company’s out there looking to make it in the digital world of eCommerce. Ashley Madison a website dedicated to the married sector of the population that might have an interest in cheating with other married people. Supposedly these websites have millions of followers looking to find a hook up outside of the confines of the married life. Perhaps the person who signs up for this service is looking to cheat or just to flirt online. Whatever their motivations for joining this kind of website and activity these actions always leave some kind of digital footprint that can be sometimes easily followed and tracked and measured. What the average person who wants to cheat doesn’t usually consider is the fact that any kind of digital representation online no matter how confidential it seems to be leaves some kind of digital imprinting, and information is created associated with a profile.