Missing Person NYC. What do you do if someone you care about suddenly goes missing. Perhaps that person is missing a meeting at a specific place and time and you know that there is no logical reason for that person to not be there or reachable at that place and time. If you are truly worried to the point that you fear for the persons life and well being you should probably file a missing persons report with the police and sometimes it is a prudent idea to use the services of a reputable Private Detective New York.
There is no waiting period for filing a Missing Person NYC report with the police. There is no 24 hour period in which you must wait before filing a police report as some people tend to think in New York City for a legitimately missing person. You may file a missing person report as soon as you feel there is a need to file one.
You should be prepared to provide to the police and the Private Investigator that you have hired with all pertinent information regarding the individual that has gone missing. The information should contain where the person was last seen, a recent photograph, where that person usually goes or frequents, all people known to the individual including girlfriends, boyfriends, known associates and recent contacts including jobs, volunteer activities, and unusual behavior.
To get the police to take action usually takes what they call special categories which include children under the age of 13 the elderly, those with special needs, or those with a connection to a possible crime.
One of the reasons you might want to hire a Private Detective in New York is because of the fact that those who are over the age of 18 years of age don’t have to report home and can have the freedom to do as they please including going missing. A good private investigator can shed some light on just where the person is through tracking behavior and known whereabouts as well as electronic surveillance.
New York Investigations, New York Intelligence agency is the type of Private Detective agency that has a proven record of successfully solving and resolving missing persons cases in the New York area.
If a loved one or business associate goes missing we have the best team of private investigators in the New York City area.