• Jan 13 2016Clickflame

    Private Investigator New York, New York Detective

    Private Investigator New York, New York Detective. There has been a lot of talk these days about the increasing use or misuse of electronic communications here […]

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  • Feb 15 2016Clickflame

    Matrimonial Investigations in New York

    Matrimonial Investigations in New York can take on many different types of investigations. Matrimonial investigations can be in the form of a simple check on a […]

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  • Mar 11 2016Clickflame

    Private Investigator In New York.

    As a Private Investigator In New York we handle all kinds of cases. From the wrongly accused looking to clear their name and reputation to corporations […]

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  • Apr 05 2016Clickflame

    TSCM services

    TSCM is short for (technical surveillance and counter-measures). Our TSCM Services include sweeps survey’s and inspections. We provide this service to ensure that our clients are […]

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  • Apr 19 2016Clickflame

    Why is TSCM important?

    Why is TSCM important?. New York Intelligence Agency performs TSCM for Corporations, Government agency’s, Law enforcement and private individuals. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures is a very […]

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  • May 09 2016Clickflame

    Missing Person NYC,

    Missing Person NYC. What do you do if someone you care about suddenly goes missing. Perhaps that person is missing a meeting at a specific place […]

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  • Mar 21 2018Clickflame

    Private Detective Requirements New York

    In order to become a New York certified private detective you must meet requirements set through the New York State Division of Licensing Services. Minimum requirements […]

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  • May 17 2016Clickflame


    Why hire a private investigator. There are literally thousands of reasons why one would want to retain the services of a reputable private investigator in New […]

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