Polygraph Testing In New York City

Private Detective Services In New York City

A New York Private Investigator can provide a wide variety of investigation services including surveillance, background checks and divorce related work. The word “investigator” is often used interchangeably with “private investigator,” but an investigator can be either public or private sector. Many certified investigators are employed by governmental agencies in criminal justice, social services, scientific … Read more

Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire A Private Security Team

Reason #1: When you hire a private security company to protect your property, the company will patrol it often or maintain a presence 24/7. You can know your property is being well guarded and monitored. Reason #2: The expertise of private security companies is growing in the technology sector. They are always trying new ways … Read more

Hiring a Private Detective for Your Divorce Case

Private detectives are hired for a number of reasons. Mainly, Private detectives work with people going through divorce to safeguard their assets and property. The cost of hiring a private eye is less expensive often than what a person could lose and also an additional safeguard. If you have any worries about your spouse’s actions, … Read more