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The best-armed security company in New York is New York Intelligence Agency. Our website has an informative section on the various services that are available for those who want to find the right security company for them. We specialize in asset protection and offer a wide range of services from CCTV monitoring to armed guards. Over the years, we have continued to grow and are now at a national level. Hiring New York Intelligence Agency is the perfect solution for both small and big businesses in New York.

We also have armed security teams available in every corner of the country, including Miami and Los Angeles as they are some central hubs many of our corporate clients travel through.

New York Intelligence Agency usually follows a comprehensive process for the security of our clients. We usually start by understanding and getting acquainted with what concerns they have regarding safety, loss prevention, or anything similar. Then, we offer their services to help our clients develop a plan which would ensure that the company stays safe from any threats both internal and external. These customized security strategies are aimed at meeting all our clients’ needs. Armed guards also ensure that everything stays safe at all times while our services are being utilized.

New York Intelligence Agency has been in the security business for a long time, (Over 40 years), and this has enabled them to gain a lot of knowledge about how best to provide protection for corporations against threats. Apart from physical damage, we also offer protection against losses and any other financial repercussions. Services are both personal and professional so you can expect them to be of great help in protecting your assets. New York Intelligence Agency is one of the most dependable companies when it comes to asset security. We have extensive experience in dealing with clients from various backgrounds, which enables us to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.

New York Intelligence Agency has a wide network of associates who offer our services. We offer a large range of specializations such as bodyguards, security guards, armed security guards, and many others.

Our armed security is the ultimate in safety, providing peace of mind when the risks are unacceptable. With more than 30 years of experience and a license for both Los Angeles and New York City, our agency, quite simply, is the best in the business. While our team is sophisticated, highly trained, and prepared to handle any eventuality, our mission is to stop problems before they happen. With multiple commendations from law enforcement and specialized work experience in criminal investigations, anti-terrorism, and the FBI, we’re the leading private armed security service for the New York area today.

Selecting the right armed security provider is extremely important, as the alternatives can prove disastrous, especially in New York City. Licensure and the right certifications for carrying a weapon are essential, as are strong communication skills and a keen eye for observation and detail. Contrary to portrayals in the movies, the best-armed security personnel aren’t photogenic emotional types, leaping around corners and drawing their weapon at every bump in the night, but seasoned, mature individuals who bring years of experience and reasoned authority to their positions. As the security industry’s leaders in the field, we strive for this demeanor and approach in everything we do. It’s why we’re the best, and why our customers depend on us for reliable services at an affordable price. Call us today to discuss your unique circumstances. We look forward to speaking with you.


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