As a Private Investigator In New York we handle all kinds of cases.
From the wrongly accused looking to clear their name and reputation
to corporations looking to follow up on where their merchandise is going. There have been many cases of people falsely accused of crimes weather by police of by the company they work for.
People who have been falsely accused of a crime have a few choices, they can either try to clear up their names by providing the information to employers or authorities and hope that all of the facts add up or they can hire a private investigator to actually follow up on leads and provide real time information regarding their innocence.
A Private Investigator can uncover information regarding times and actions that can shed light on just where you were at the time of the alleged infraction or crime. It is amazing just how many people are falsely accused in the work place by jealous or envious competitors and just as amazing, just how many companies try to shirk their obligations to employees when the employees have provided their services and expect to be compensated for their efforts in the agreed upon amount of pay. This is a type of fraud or theft that can be uncovered if you hire a private investigator to get to the bottom of a situation that you think you have been wronged by. Additionally there are just as many complaints by company’s of employees stealing secrets and not providing the services that they were paid for. These too can be investigated to see what the exposure is and just what if any compensation is due or warranted.