Why is TSCM important?. New York Intelligence Agency performs TSCM for Corporations, Government agency’s, Law enforcement and private individuals. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures is a very important part of any corporate, government, or Law enforcement entity that wishes to have their information remain and stay private. Reasons to have security and security measures available to the corporate entity for example can keep secure aspects of the business that have to do with legal problems. Legal problems can be a gateway to the inside of a corporation and sometimes can reveal information that is proprietary and time sensitive. Protection of trade secrets is something that some company’s value a great deal and sometimes take extraordinary measures to keep their secrets in house and not available to the general public and competitors. In the case of trade secrets it is of great benefit to have your boardroom sweeped, your meeting spaces examined, your employees computers, phones and work spaces completely free of unwanted bugs, microphones and recording devices. Keeping your company safe and free from unwanted surveillance can help to keep secret your company’s plans for reorganizations, mergers and corporate takeovers. Company’s use TSCM to keep their new products and developments safe from prying eyes and the competition from finding out of a new product launch or development. Company’s use TSCM to protect their hiring practices and their financial information. TSCM can be used to secure your company information but also to keep employees from spying and selling the information to the competition it can help to minimize internal legal problems that can arise through misunderstandings, company policy and sexual harassment. TSCM can make sure that your entire working space including offices, phone lines’ wireless transmissions, vehicles company and private, cell phones, and kind of recording device that could potentially be a threat to the corporation’s security and identity.