Why hire a private investigator.

Why hire a private investigator. There are literally thousands of reasons why one would want to retain the services of a reputable private investigator in New York. Once an individual has made the decision to […]

Missing Person NYC,

Missing Person NYC. What do you do if someone you care about suddenly goes missing. Perhaps that person is missing a meeting at a specific place and time and you know that there is no […]

Why is TSCM important?.

Why is TSCM important?. New York Intelligence Agency performs TSCM for Corporations, Government agency’s, Law enforcement and private individuals. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures is a very important part of any corporate, government, or Law enforcement […]

TSCM services

TSCM is short for (technical surveillance and counter-measures). Our TSCM Services include sweeps survey’s and inspections. We provide this service to ensure that our clients are safe and free from unwanted electronic surveillance from […]

Private Investigator In New York.

As a Private Investigator In New York we handle all kinds of cases.
From the wrongly accused looking to clear their name and reputation
to corporations looking to follow up on where their merchandise is […]

Matrimonial Investigations in New York

Matrimonial Investigations in New York can take on many different types of investigations. Matrimonial investigations can be in the form of a simple check on a cell phone to see if the person in […]

Private Investigator New York, New York Detective

Private Investigator New York, New York Detective. There has been a lot of talk these days about the increasing use or misuse of electronic communications here in the US and abroad. From the highly […]

Private Investigator New York

Individuals go missing almost every day in New York City. Some are real and some have meaningful explanations. Most missing persons cases in New York are resolved with no one getting hurt and are usually […]

Private Investigator in NYC / Missing Persons

One of the areas that www.newyorkinvestigations.com covers in terms of services to the public is finding missing persons. As a Private Investigator In NYC we offer many different services. Missing persons can encompass many different […]

Investigations in NYC

Investigations in New York require a special kind of approach and knowledge. New York itself is a big city with a lot of nuances. http://newyorkinvestigations.com/ has the manpower and the knowledge that an investigation company needs […]

Private Investigator NYC

New York investigations is a private investigations agency located in New York City. We dedicate ourselves to private investigations in New York weather it be Matrimonial investigations or corporate surveillance or if you just want […]

Missing Persons: We’ll Track Down Your Lost Loved One

Hundreds of thousands of people go missing each year, some of their own decision, others due to abductions or other unlucky events. No matter the cause of the disappearance, the terrible possibility of never seeing […]

Lie Detection & Polygraph Testing: Get the Answers You Need

The truth is, although we would like to trust people, especially those we care about, sometimes that simply isn’t possible. Sometimes you need help to find the truth, help to get peace of mind. Lie […]

Armed Security: We Don’t Mess Around With Your Safety

You want to protect what is important to you, whether that be your home, family, business or other assets. It goes without saying that you want to hire security that is highly trained and possesses […]

Identity Theft: How Can a Private Investigator Help You?

Identity theft can be a major source of anxiety for anyone affected by it. Identity theft happens when criminals purchase or steal personal information to use for credit, jobs, or business ventures.

As a victim of […]

Get to the truth today

The best private detective New York has to offer is only a click or a phone call away. We will assist you in your matrimonial investigations and provide you with valuable peace of mind. Let’s […]

Benefits of Hiring a Private Investigator for Overseas Cases

Finding a private detective in NYC who is able to help you out with an overseas investigation isn’t as easy as you may think. It is therefore vital that you consider every aspect associated with […]

Ethical Hacking: We’ll Hack You First so Nobody Else Can

When you hire a New York private investigator, you can expect a wide range of services from them. One such service is ethical hacking. This service will test the vulnerability of your system using someone […]

Preventing Insider Fraud: Why Corporate Surveillance is Important for Small Businesses (Part 2)

In our last blog we began discussing the importance of corporate surveillance. Today we will continue that discussion with a closer look at the types of insider fraud that may occur in a small business […]

Qualities of a Great Private Investigator in NYC

With so many private detective agencies in NYC, it can be difficult to choose a private investigator who will successfully resolve your case. Whether you need to hire a detective to conduct surveillance, investigate fraudulent […]

Why Should You Hire a Private Eye in NYC?

Whether you are fighting for custody of your child, need help locating a missing relative, or have suspicious about a new employee, a private detective can help. While the public has come to associate private […]

Preventing Insider Fraud: Why Corporate Surveillance is Important for Small Businesses (Part 1)

When most of us imagine corporate fraud being investigated by a , the first image that springs to mind is executives and CEOs slyly embezzling millions from huge Wall Street corporations. As such, while you […]

Voice Stress Analysis

We live in a society where truth is often a luxury. For many, lying is just part of the game. They don’t value honesty as much as the ability to not get caught. Unfortunately, we […]

The Benefits of Pre-employment Background Checks

For many businesses, pre-employment screenings and background checks have become an essential part of the hiring process. Background checks give companies the information they need to make smart hiring decisions. They help businesses protect themselves […]

Domestic Surveillance for Peace of Mind

Have you thought of hiring a private investigator in NYC? There are several types of investigations that they perform for various purposes; New York City offers the best private detectives with world wide experience, so […]

Find the Missing Person in Your Life

Missing person cases can be sensitive. Trying to find a missing friend or family member is an

understandably personal endeavor. When looking for the right private investigator to help you with your

case trust is of the […]

3 Common Myths About Identity Theft

Identity theft and fraud is a growing problem in the United States that can’t be ignored. Identity fraud in the U.S. takes a new victim every two seconds and hit 13.1 million people in 2013, […]

What To Do If You Suspect Your Spouse Is Cheating

Do you suspect your spouse is cheating? If you have an intuition that your spouse is cheating, chances are something is off in your relationship. While cheating is a bold accusation, spouses often doubt themselves […]

Top Services Private Investigators in NYC Provide

Due to the vast popularity of TV detective and crime shows, many people associate detectives with murder and assault investigations. However, while detectives can play a major role in these types of investigations, they provide […]

Who Can Hire a Private Detective in NYC?

When many people think of private investigators, they immediately think of detectives hiding out in bushes staking out murder suspects. While private detectives can play a key role in resolving homicide cases, they also perform […]

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Private Investigator

Are you looking to hire a private investigator or private detective in NYC? Whether you are seeking to hire a PI to locate a missing person, provide domestic surveillance, or conduct a background check of […]