TSCM/Debugging Services

TSCM Company Debugging Services Gives you the Bug Sweeping Services You Need

TSCM is short for (technical surveillance and counter-measures). As a top New York TSCM company, our TSCM bug sweeping services include bug sweeps, surveys and inspections. We provide these bug sweeping services to ensure that our clients are safe and free from unwanted electronic surveillance from those who wish to harm, breach financial records or steal information. The type of bug sweeps and bug sweeping services provided by our TSCM investigators is fast becoming a booming business.  The technological breakthroughs in bug sweeps and bug sweeping technology provide an unprecedented opportunity for both the legitimate businessman or woman and the criminal alike.

New York Intelligence Agency provides top quality bug sweeping services to private individuals, government, and corporate entities that wish to eliminate the potential threat of a data breach or unwanted technical surveillance.  Bug sweeps have become extremely common throughout the business world.

Your business should never be infiltrated or compromised by those gathering your information. From video cameras hidden in the walls to microphones situated in strategic areas, vehicle sweep’s, computer system information gathering, audits, and breaches all compromise your company or organization’s intellectual property and privacy, strategic planning and data.

Why Should You Consider an Experienced New York TSCM Company for Bug Sweeps and TSCM Debugging Services?

As a TSCM company and private detective agency in New York City, we provide complete bug sweeps of phone lines and a full range of bug sweeping services.

We will also search computer lines, do physical office bug sweeps, board room bug sweeps, conference room bug sweeps, and will uncover threats in any areas of your office(s). 

Hiring a private investigator for a bug sweep, an experienced TSCM company who is experienced in modern bug sweeping services  is a wise choice.  A TSCM investigator, or a TSCM company like NYIA will comprehensively check everywhere that can result in a compromise in your electronic communications and confidential information.

TSCM helps to alleviate the threat of electronic eavesdropping from surveillance devices, eavesdropping bugs, unwanted recording equipment including hidden or covert cameras, hidden microphones, Electronic stalking, and GPS tracking, and a whole host of Wi-fi infiltration, back door computer Trojans, cell phone bugs, and potential threats from corporate spying to spousal surveillance.

We will come to your office home or place of business and do a complete search and sweep to ensure that you are not being spied on by the competition or those who wish to harm, whether it is an associate, staff, or business partner.

TSCM services provide a clean, safe working environment so that you can concentrate on getting your business done efficiently without the unwanted fear of being infiltrated and compromised by those gathering your information. From video cameras hidden in the walls to microphones situated in strategic areas, vehicle sweep’s, computer system information gathering, audits, and breaches.  A private investigator for bug sweeps already has all of the technology and expertise in their possession to run a TSCM bug sweep operation that will serve your needs.  

TSCM Debugging Services Can Save Your Company Money and Time

If you are a company of significant size or have sizable earnings, you will deal one or many bugs that require TSCM debugging at some point. When you come across a bug, it can end up costing your business money both in the short and long term. This is why companies should consider using a TSCM debugging service and have bug sweeps completed for their company. There are many debugging services out there, but it is recommended to always look for a debugging company who has ample TSCM bug sweep experience and can answer all of your bug sweeping questions in your first consultation.   What should this initial process look like?

Benefits of Hiring NYIA, the best TSCM Company for Your TSCM Bug Sweeps

With the advancement of technology, it is becoming increasingly important to take proper steps to protect business and personal information. One of the most effective ways to do this is by hiring a TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) Bug Sweeping Company. New York Intelligence Agency is a TSCM investigator company that conducts TSCM bug sweeps and specializes in the detection and removal of illegal eavesdropping and spying devices. It is important to hire a professional TSCM Company for bug sweeps in order to ensure the security of your confidential communication and data.

TSCM Bug Sweeps Conducted by NYIA will safeguard your information and protect against unauthorized access

As part of their bug sweeping services, NYIA’s bug sweeps include locating, identifying, and mitigating any potential security threats. The bug sweeping services, when conducted by a private investigator for bug sweeps like NYIA, involves the use of specialized equipment to detect, analyze, and remove any potential eavesdropping devices. This includes bugs, wiretaps, and other covert surveillance devices.

There are many different types of bug sweeps and TSCM debugging services out there, so it may be challenging to find one that you feel comfortable with. If you don’t trust the TSCM company you are working with, look for a TSCM company with a dedicated TSCM bug sweep investigator that has been around for many years. This will ensure that they have plenty of experience in bug sweeps and detecting threats to your company or family.

NYIA is the best Debugging Company in New York

There are many benefits to hiring a TSCM company like NYIA for bug sweeping services. 

First, NYIA is a TSCM provider who will provide you peace of mind. Knowing that your organization is protected from potential eavesdropping threats can help you breathe easier. NYIA’s bug sweeping services also provide assurance that any confidential communication and data is secure and protected. Furthermore, hiring a TSCM bug sweep company can help protect your reputation. If a security breach were to occur, it could damage your reputation and possibly cause long-term damage to your organization.  Hiring a TSCM company mitigates the risk of this occuring.

Another benefit of hiring NYIA debugging as your a TSCM bug sweeping service provider is that NYIA can help ensure your compliance with data protection regulations. Many countries have laws and regulations in place to protect information security. Hiring a TSCM debugging company for bug sweeps can help ensure that your organization is in compliance with these laws and regulations. This can help protect your organization from potential legal repercussions.


Finally, hiring NYIA for debugging services to conduct bug sweeps can help you save money in the long run. The cost of hiring NYIA to conduct bug sweeps is often significantly less than the cost of investing in expensive security systems. Furthermore, as a TSCM company, NYIA can help detect and remove eavesdropping devices quickly and effectively, thus saving you time and money.


In both the short and longer term, hiring NYIA for your debugging services can provide many benefits. It can provide peace of mind, assurance that confidential communication and data is secure, help ensure compliance with data protection regulations, and save money in the long run. For these reasons, it is important to consider hiring an experienced, professional TSCM company like NYIA to make sure all bug sweeps and other countermeasures are the best they can be, to properly protect your organization from potential eavesdropping threats and access to confidential or secure information that you don’t want shared. 


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