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Insurance Fraud Detective In New York, Ny

Insurance fraud is one of the most costly and difficult crimes to detect and prosecute. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most common types of fraud committed. As a result, it is important for individuals, businesses, and organizations to be aware of the potential risks and benefits of hiring a NY insurance fraud detective.  Once you have learned more, you will know that hiring award-winning, experienced NYIA fraud investigators is your best choice for recovering losses from insurance fraud.

Why You Should Call NYIA for Insurance Fraud Investigations

The primary benefit of hiring NYIA as your insurance fraud detective is that they are highly skilled and experienced in investigating insurance fraud. This means that they are better equipped to identify potential fraud and uncover evidence that can be used to build a successful case. An elite level detective agency like NYIA will also have access to the latest and most sophisticated investigative techniques and resources. This includes specialized training and experience in computer forensics, financial investigations, and other methods of uncovering fraud.

In addition to their experience and specialized skills, a NY insurance fraud detective NYIA is also well-versed in the laws and regulations pertaining to insurance fraud. This includes understanding the nuances of the various state and federal laws that govern fraud investigations and prosecutions. This knowledge allows them to develop effective strategies for uncovering fraud and building a successful case. 

Hiring an Insurance Fraud Detective in New York?

Another benefit of hiring a NY insurance fraud detective like NYIA is that they are familiar with the insurance industry. This means that they understand the complexities of the industry, the different types of insurance policies and the nuances of the claims process. This knowledge allows them to develop a strategy to uncover fraud and build a successful case.

Finally, NY insurance fraud detectives NYIA are often able to provide expert testimony in court. This is especially important in cases where a successful prosecution relies heavily on the testimony of an expert witness. A NY insurance fraud detective is usually well-versed in the laws governing fraud and can provide the necessary expertise to help build a successful case.

Call NYIA if you need an Insurance Fraud Investigation

In summary, hiring a NY insurance fraud detective like NYIA can provide numerous benefits for those looking to uncover and prosecute fraud. They are experienced in uncovering evidence and building a successful case. They are also well-versed in the laws and regulations governing fraud and can provide expert testimony in court. By taking advantage of these benefits, individuals, businesses, and organizations can be better equipped to detect and prosecute insurance fraud.   Call NYIA today for a free consultation. 


J Avanti
5/5 Stars
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Although I never expected to require the services of a private investigator, I found myself in just such a situation. David Schassler of New York Intelligence came through for me! He quickly, discretely, and efficiently collected the evidence I needed to support my divorce case. I can’t recommend David highly enough!
C Keating
5/5 Stars
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I initially hired New York Intelligence to conduct background searches for my business when I was starting a new division. He finished all 12 reviews right on schedule! And then my Cousin Bucky went missing…well, David Schassler left his own birthday party to start tracking Bucky and he found him before my Aunt Louise even had time to worry! My family and I can’t say enough good things about Mr. Schassler and his firm. Hire them – you won’t be disappointed!
B Hogan
5/5 Stars
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I have had many instances where my family has used David services and there has always been a positive outcome! Thanks Again Barbara
L James
5/5 Stars
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David Schassler’s firm solved my complex situation, by conducting hard to get interviews, which subsequently solved the case. I would recommend David to anyone who needs to get a tough job done.


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