Why Hire a Private Eye in NYC?

WhyHirePrivateEyeAre you wondering if you should hire a private eye in NYC? Private detectives serve businesses, law firms, insurance companies and private individuals and can be hired for a wide range of reasons. Whether you suspect your spouse is cheating, need help locating a missing relative, or have been a victim of identity fraud, a private detective can help.

Private detectives are highly trained, experienced and intelligent and specialize in gathering evidence covertly and confidentially. A private eye can collect the evidence you need to give you a peace of mind or win your case in court. The best private eyes in NYC also have a background in law enforcement or federal agency and know exactly how the court system works. They can collect compelling evidence and testify on your behalf in court.

New York Intelligence Agency is New York City’s best private detective agency. NYIA provides a long list of private detective services, including surveillance, background checks, private security, lie detection, identity theft, insurance and financial fraud, ethical hacking and overseas investigations. Contact NYIA to hire a top private eye detective in NYC today – (646) 465-2006. We look forward to assisting you.