Lie Detection & Polygraph Testing: Get the Answers You Need

The truth is, although we would like to trust people, especially those we care about, sometimes that simply isn’t possible. Sometimes you need help to find the truth, help to get peace of mind. Lie detection via polygraph is the process of using technology to monitor and record the various manifestations of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems through prudently designed questions asked of the individual who is attached to the polygraph. The manifestations of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems are comprised of deviations in blood pressure, pulse rate, electro-dermal activity and respiration. A polygraph or lie detector is a diagnostic instrument that is used by a professionally trained and experienced polygraph examiner who administers the examination in order to verify the truthfulness of a person’s claim regarding a precise issue. Many people believe that polygraphs are inaccurate and create more problems than they solve. This is a very normal concern; however, it is essential to know that in a specific issue test, while using a validated technique, the average accuracy of a polygraph will exceed 90%. Our professionals use voice stress analysis along with polygraph testing to determine truth. Voice stress analysis can be used in a variety of ways: in person, via recorded message, telephone, radio communications and even archived recorded material. Voice stress analysis is useful in the selection of qualified candidates in which stress and emotional reaction is a priority, or for professionals who have to perform critical negotiations or interpersonal assessment. Voice stress analysis and lie detector tests can be used to measure voice stress of competitors during meetings, corporate theft and fraud, infidelity, business negotiations, insurance claim verification and much more. When you need the truth or peace of mind don’t let uncertainty take over your life. New York Intelligence Agency, Inc. is the best private detective agency New York has to offer. When you hire one of our highly trained and experienced professionals you can gain the answers that you need!