Private Detective Services In New York City

Private Detective Services In New York City

A New York Private Investigator can provide a wide variety of investigation services including surveillance, background checks and divorce related work.

The word “investigator” is often used interchangeably with “private investigator,” but an investigator can be either public or private sector. Many certified investigators are employed by governmental agencies in criminal justice, social services, scientific research and other fields, but they are also found in the corporate world. Private investigators, though, are usually only working in the private sector.

Background Checks By New York Private Investigators

When you contact a private investigator to do a background check, they will examine public records, such as court documents and real estate deeds. They will also look for information about the subject of your investigation in newspaper articles and online through social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. You will get a very thorough background check compared to what a simple search online will find because the PI will go deeper into the subject’s life.

What Kind Of Surveillance Does A New York Private Detective Do?

Surveillance is a broad term encompassing many different kinds of observation. The goal of all surveillance is to gather information, whether it’s in order to prevent or detect a crime or to take part in civil litigation.

Private investigators are often hired by individuals who want an investigation into their partners, children, friends or employees. Often the subject of the investigation does not know that he is being watched. Most often, though, private investigators are hired by businesses to investigate employees suspected of stealing or engaging in other illegal activities. They can also check out prospective vendors or business partners before entering into agreements with them.

Private investigator surveillance can take a variety of forms, depending on your situation and what information you need. Most commonly, investigators will use video or audio recordings to document the information they gather. Often these are placed in cars or other places where the subject is likely to be. Other times, a PI uses hidden cameras and microphones to secretly record conversations or capture images of their subjects.

What Kind Of Divorce Related Work Does My Pi Do?

Many of the divorce related services provided by private investigators are based on surveillance. That might mean following a spouse, recording his interactions, and collecting information about him to use in your case.

The PI can also provide information about the value of marital assets, including real estate holdings or art collections. This helps you decide how much money is fair for you to ask for in a settlement.

For spouses who are trying to pay as little as possible in a divorce, the private investigator might be hired to verify that statements made by their spouse about their income and assets are accurate. If they aren’t, you can use this information to extract more money from them in the divorce. A PI might also look into your spouse’s extracurricular activities, including dating a new significant other.

Private investigators also provide services to help in child custody disputes. They can find information about where your children are being cared for. The PI might also gather evidence of abusive or neglectful behavior on one parent’s part that could sway the court in favor of returning them to your custody.

Private Investigators, New York City

New York private investigators are a great asset to have on your side in the battle for divorce. They can prove that you aren’t lying about what’s happening, and will work hard for you to get as much money or property out of the situation as possible.