Private Investigator in NYC / Missing Persons

One of the areas that covers in terms of services to the public is finding missing persons. As a Private Investigator In NYC we offer many different services. Missing persons can encompass many different situations from a missing spouse to missing children or missing heirs or beneficiary. Missing persons investigations can come in many different forms from city wide searches to nationwide or even globally. Common missing person cases involve looking for a person who has been missing for more than 24 hours or finding a person who is intentionally avoiding being served a summons or avoiding some kind of legal or contractual obligation. Our team of investigators not only find missing persons they gather the important information that a client needs to move forward with in their personal or professional lives. Information that sometimes can lead them to make more intelligent and pertinent decision involving that missing person or information. Lately there has been talk about a global data base of missing persons so that there can be a comprehensive way to determine what the facts are involved in any specific case. Sometimes following up on a global scale can lead to some very interesting information. There have been cases where a person for some reason has lost the ability to remember just who exactly they are. Where they are from and that they might be missing in the first place. As a Private Investigator In NYC we have been able to find many missing persons from children to corporate partners or missing spouses.