Private Investigator New York, New York Detective

Private Investigator New York, New York Detective. There has been a lot of talk these days about the increasing use or misuse of electronic communications here in the US and abroad. From the highly charged atmosphere of the Washington political landscape, to private entities and corporations, the electronic communication sector has never been so scrutinized and probably has never been more nebulous and vague than it is now. You tell yourself that you have a smartphone and by nature its supposed to be smart, protecting you and your information, money, property. It kind of gives you a sense of ease and security with the knowledge that your information is safely tucked away in your pocket or purse. Maybe its a Samsung or a Blackberry or the iPhone. Sure you all have seen the guy swipe his code into the machine at Starbucks only to smile and go on his way, coffee in hand. So how do you protect yourself from thieves or worse stealing your information and identity.? There are certainly ways to find out if you have been hacked, by who, and when? The question is do you know if your information has been compromised by the other side? Do you know if your emails are secure and free from the scrutiny of those who would wish to do you harm. These are fair questions to be sure. Private Investigations in New York and the media has reported that security breaches happen daily and is the new crime. Law enforcement use it to find out the basic questions of just who was the perpetrator talking to and when, where? Preventing those who should not have access to your emails or private information has become a priority for individuals, corporations and law enforcement. Hacking prevention has become like a cottage industry raking in billions of dollars each year and growing.