Private Investigator NYC

As a private investigative agency in NYC we come across on a daily basis all kind of investigation requests from the public, Corporations, and Government sources. There are several reasons why one would choose to hire a Private Investigator in NYC.  The reasons range from Infidelity surveillance, Corporate investigations, estate investigations, missing persons and hundreds of other requests that we expedite for the client in a very confidential and ethical way.

Private Investigations in New York begin with a knowledge of the area and the people who live and work here. We have the ability to look at a situation and because our vast knowledge of the area and the demographics that surround New York we are able to bring closure, new information, find a loved one, or just confirm a spouses suspicions.

Don’t settle for the amateurs give us a call and we will work with you so that you have the information that you deserve to have in a timely manner.