Individuals go missing almost every day in New York City. Some are real and some have meaningful explanations. Most missing persons cases in New York are resolved with no one getting hurt and are usually solved within a few days of the report being filed. Occasionally there are a few cases that are not solved and sometimes, go on for years.

Take the case of Robert Durst’s wife Kathleen Durst who was reported missing after leaving a party in Newton Connecticut.
The last time she was see in public.

In 1999 Police reopened the case of the missing Kathleen Durst. Robert Durst reportedly had an affair ongoing at the time.
She had reportedly asked for a divorce and had accused him of abuse. Dust said to the police that the couple fought and that he saw her off on a train to New York never to be seen again.

Susan Berman a friend of Durst became his spokesperson and provided him with an alibi. She was found murdered in her Benedict canyon home in California on Christmas eve of 2000 execution style. Durst reportedly had flown back to New York the day before her body was discovered from San Francisco. Durst is now charged with her murder and new evidence in the case involving an envelope has surfaced. Durst was also charged with but acquitted in the bizarre murder of a neighbor in Texas.
Kathleen’s family has filed a law suit for $100 million dollars alleging that he murdered her. As a Private Investigator NYC 
provides investigative services not only for missing persons but for a wide range of corporate and private clients needs.

If a loved one is missing it is important to get to the truth of the matter as soon as you realize that something is wrong and that the person is missing. Reporting a missing person in a timely manner can help investigators find the person before the trail goes cold.