Private investigator in New York

In the wake of the Ashley Madison hacking scandal new light has been shed on an industry the promotes cheating online. There are literally hundreds of online websites that cater to the fact that a spouse could or would cheat on their respective wives or husbands.These websites not only promote themselves by offering a seamless unidentified experience by the outside they practically guarantee that you can cheat on your spouse in complete anonymity. This is of course not true. There are many ways to get to the bottom of whether or not your husband or wife has been to one of these websites, what they have been doing on these websites and who they have contacted on these websites. and if they have indeed made a connection in the physical world.Private investigators can sometimes get to the bottom of these transgressions by doing a complete and through electronic, digital imprint fact finding mission.The Ashley Madison case has brought to life many aspects of this dirty little secret, from online flirting to actual hookups.