Due to the vast popularity of TV detective and crime shows, many people associate detectives with murder and assault investigations. However, while detectives can play a major role in these types of investigations, they provide a wide range of services. A PI can resolve missing persons cases, provide domestic and corporate surveillance, administer background checks, and investigate financial fraud.

Here are some of the top services a private investigator in NYC provides:

1. Background Checks – A private detective can conduct a background check to shine a light on a person’s professional and personal history. With a background check, corporations can find out if a prospective employee has a criminal record and see if the person is a good fit for the company. Private individuals can hire PIs for background checks of their child’s babysitter or a new romantic partner to ensure the safety of themselves and their child. The information gathered from a background check can also be used in court.

2. Surveillance – PIs conduct surveillance and gather evidence anonymously and confidentially. Domestic surveillance can be used to find out if a spouse is cheating or abusing or neglecting a child. This information can be used in a divorce, child custody or child abuse case. Surveillance can also be used to investigate housekeeper or roommate theft, identity theft, elderly and disabled caregiver activities, or a runaway child. For corporations, surveillance can help detect and deter threats and thefts, as well as determine if an employee receiving workers’ compensation is not faking an injury.

3. Missing Persons – PIs play a major role in missing persons cases and can help you locate a lost relative, witness, suspect or any person of interest. Whether a loved one has gone missing or you are trying to track down a criminal that is vital to your case, a PI will work tirelessly to ensure the person is found.

4. Financial Fraud – Businesses can hire a private detective to determine if someone if committing financial fraud. Whether you have been a victim of fraud or suspect something shady is going on with your business’s finances, a PI can get you the answers you need to move forward.

Our private investigator agency in NYC provides all of these services and many more. If you need a private investigator to locate a missing person, provide background checks and surveillance, or investigate fraud, contact our detective agency today.