All About TSCM Services NY

All About TSCM Services​

TSCM is short for (technical surveillance and counter-measures). Our TSCM Services include sweeps survey’s and inspections. We provide this service to ensure that our clients are safe and free from unwanted electronic surveillance from those that would wish to do harm, breach financial records or steal information. This type of service is fast becoming a booming business as the technological breakthroughs in technology provide an unprecedented opportunity for both the legitimate business man or woman and the criminal alike. provides these services to private individuals, government and corporate entities that wish to eliminate the potential threat of a data breach or unwanted technical surveillance.

As a private detective agency in New York City we provide complete bug sweeping services of phone lines, computer lines, office sweeps, board room sweeps, conference room sweeps, and any and all areas of your work space or office that has the potential of a compromise in electronic communications and information gathering.

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Our debugging services NY help to alleviate the threat of electronic eavesdropping from surveillance devices, eavesdropping bugs, unwanted recording equipment including hidden or covert cameras, hidden microphones, Electronic stalking, and GPS tracking and a whole host of Wi-fi infiltration, back door computer Trojans, cell phone bugs, and potential threats from corporate spying to spousal surveillance.
We will come to your office home or place of business and do a complete search and sweep to ensure that you are not being spied on by the competition or by those who wish to do harm weather it be an associate, staff, or business partner.

TSCM services provide a clean safe working environment so that you can concentrate on getting your business done in an efficient manner without the unwanted fear of being infiltrated and compromised by those gathering your information. From video cameras hidden in the walls to microphones situated in strategic areas, vehicle sweep’s, computer system information gathering, audits, and breaches. Contact New York Intelligence Agency today for a free consultation if you have any need for TSCM or debugging services.  Don’t wait, as long as you are exposed, the threat can turn into a real-life nightmare!