We live in a society where truth is often a luxury. For many, lying is just part of the game. They don’t value honesty as much as the ability to not get caught. Unfortunately, we can’t trust people, and we carry the burden of distinguishing truth from fiction.

Subjects wear special equipment to monitor physiological indices like blood pressure and respiration. The polygraph records these activities, and a specialist analyzes them for abnormalities that indicate dishonesty. There’s some dispute over the validity of the test, but the polygraph is still commonly used in interrogation. At New York Intelligence Agency Inc., we have trained specialists who can administer polygraph tests.

A newer method for truth detection is voice stress analysis. This method uses technology that analyses vocal patterns and highlights areas where the speaker is stressed. There are several advantages to this method versus the traditional polygraph approach. Because it doesn’t require the subject to wear any apparatus, you can administer the test without the subject’s knowledge. Our team can even analyze voice mail recordings! A study by the International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering found that voice stress analysis identifies emotional stress even better than a polygraph test.

Whether you’re a businessperson, an insurance representative, a suspicious spouse, or anyone else in need of the truth, give us a call. David Schlassler is one of the top private investigators in NYC, and his team can help get you the answers you deserve.